Justin Hayward on His Newest EP

"Both of these songs are new - recorded in January/February this year. 'One Summer Day' just sprang out of my old Martin guitar late one evening, when the world was quiet. It’s a deeply personal and emotional song for me, written in a conversational style about the unexpected events of one day in summer. I had been playing the guitar riff for a while just for fun, without realising it could actually be a song. In the end I wrote it in a rush late one night." A couple of weeks later, when Alberto and I were recording it, we had packed up to leave the studio after midnight  - it had been a long day and Alberto was taking me back to the room where I stay in the town - we had planned to record my vocal the next morning. I suddenly stopped in the doorway and said to Alberto “can I do it now?” He didn’t even blink, he just said “of course Jus.” So we went back in, Alberto quickly set up the vocal mic and we did a couple of takes. We both slept well that night. When I arrived at the studio the next morning I saw Alberto in the control room listening to it. I didn’t go in, but waited until the music stopped. When I opened the control room door Alberto was silent - I said “What does it sound like?” He said “I really love it - I really love it.” I’m so glad we went back that night.” Justin Hayward: "I think 'My Juliette' is about childhood and theatre, from Shakespeare to pantomime (and about some other stuff I haven't worked out how to explain yet !).  When I was 13 my mother played piano for a repertory theatre group in Dorset on a summer holiday from school - I played guitar for the rep company and I stayed with them until their summer season ended, after my family went back home. I was entranced and I still treasure every moment of that theatre life. I had bits of this song for years before I decided I wanted to finish or record it, because I enjoyed just playing around with it. It was one of the things I would play each time I took my guitar out of the case. The song references Danny William’s UK version of 'Moon River' which I played over and over when I was young - I still do! It’s one of the best English recordings of the early 60's. I met Danny when I was with Marty Wilde.  What a voice!"

One Summer Day / My Juliette

New EP Release From

Justin Hayward

One Summer Day / My Juliette

Available as of March 27th on Digital Formats via Eagle Rock Entertainment

Justin Hayward EP Release London, UK--On March 27, legendary singer-songwriter Justin Hayward will release the digital-only EP One Summer Day / My Juliette. This two-track release will be available via all digital service providers.   Whether performing solo or with The Moody Blues, Justin Hayward’s songwriting is known for its thought-provoking lyrics and inventive melodies. These qualities are fully displayed in the new tracks “One Summer Day” and “My Juliette.”   “One Summer Day” is written in a conversational style, telling the story of unexpected events taking place one day in the summer. According to Justin, the song came about in an organic manner. “[It] just sprang out of my old Martin guitar late one evening...I had been playing the riff for a while just for fun, without realizing it could actually be a song.”   “My Juliette,” which references Danny Williams’ early 60s recording of “Moon River”, was inspired by Justin’s childhood fascination with the theater. His mother played piano for a repertory theater group during a summer in his childhood. He played guitar for the company, and was drawn into the artistry of the stage, from Shakespeare to pantomime. “I was entranced and I still treasure every moment of that theatre life,” Hayward continues. “I had the song for years before I was sure I wanted to actually finish or record it because I enjoyed just playing around with it.”   One Summer Day / My Juliette is available for pre-order here.   About Eagle Rock Entertainment Eagle Rock Entertainment is the world-leading producer and distributor of music documentary and concert films. Founded in 1997, the multi-award-winning company releases over 50 productions a year and controls the distribution of over 2,000 hours of music programming. The catalogue includes work by award-winning filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese, Brett Morgan, Stanley Nelson, Paul Dugdale, Bob Smeaton, Jeremy Marre, Mike Figgis, Leslie Woodhead and Michael Epstein. Eagle Rock works with a wide spectrum of artists including the Rolling Stones, Eminem, Madonna, Eric Clapton, Muse, Steven Wilson, Slash, Iggy Pop, Jeff Beck, Paul McCartney, Shania Twain and Van Morrison. Eagle Rock is headquartered in London.

Justin Hayward UK and Netherlands Tour Dates

Justin Hayward is looking to take his music on the road. After a successful US tour, Justin is looking to bring his musical prowess to the UK and Netherlands through the month of September. Below, you'll find all of the planned tour dates in September. He is incredibly excited to be able to come back to Europe and share his music with some of his most passionate fans. He hopes to see you all there.

Justin Hayward Starts Tour at Ames Center

Justin Hayward is ready to kick off his US tour tonight at the Ames Center in Burnsville, Minnesota. Here is an excerpt from the Ames Center's website: "Having chalked up nearly fifty years at the peak of the music and entertainment industry, Justin Hayward’s voice has been heard the world over. Known principally as the vocalist, lead guitarist and composer for the Moody Blues, his is an enduring talent that has helped to define the times in which he worked. Over the last forty-five years the band has sold fifty five million albums and received numerous awards. Commercial success has gone hand in hand with critical acclaim, The Moody Blues are renowned the world over as innovators and trailblazers who have influenced any number of fellow artists." Click here to visit the Ames Center's website and learn more about the concert. Justin can't wait to see all of his endearing fans throughout this tour.

The Moody Blues’ “Live at the BBC: 1967-1970” Makes Vinyl Debut

Justin Hayward, of the Moody Blues, is incredibly excited about the vinyl debut of the Moody Blues' album Live at the BBC: 1967-1970. He hopes to get his fans excited about the album with this press release and promotional image. Justin Hayward The Moody Blues Press Release